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Windscreen & Window Coating

Windscreen & Window Coating Treatment

Our car window coating service including removing watermarks & stains and applying coating with water repellent product. It helps repels water, dirt, dust & eliminates stone chips. It provides a water beading effect & clear vision during rain. Here are the features:

  • A window coating creates a coating layer on your car window to provide a water-repellent effect
  • Improves night vision and better vision during rainy weather
  • Durable, no oxidization, no remaining oily film & no scale water stain
  • Last 6 months outdoors and more than 12 months for indoor parking

Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours (depending on car type)

Windscreen Coating Price

Car Type
Rate & Duration
RM263 (1.5 hours)
RM263 (1.5 hours)
RM365 (2 hours)
RM438 (2.5 hours)
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