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Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior Car Detailing

We provide a top-notch exterior-only car detailing service to restore your car body and prolong its best shape. This service including wash, wax, polish, window & wheel coating and more to keep your car looking new with exterior detail, scratch reduction, paint protection barrier and more. Here are the features:

  • Snow Car Wash: Thorough washing treatment with using proper techniques to remove surface contaminants such as tar & bugs stains
  • Polishing & Waxing: Scratch & swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalize color & shine. Application of all overprotective wax polish to clean & enhance paintwork. Finish with paint protection treatment to exterior protective wax polish
  • Wheel Coating: Clean to release the stuck-on iron deposits from the surface, and neutralizes the chemical reaction that begins to destroy paintwork, clear coat finishes, polished metals, and wheel finishes
  • Headlamp Restoration: Restoring discolored and dull headlights. Finish with a coating to add shine and clarity to your car’s headlight & reduces tarnishing, yellowing and prolong discoloring
  • Windscreen Watermark Removal: Remove light scratches, acid rain falls out and tough stains
  • Window Coating: Appy with a layer of auto water repellent coat to provide extra protection against environmental damage. It gives a better and clear vision during heavy rainy days

Our exterior restoration solutions can be employed individually or as part of a full car detailing solution (interior & exterior) to return your vehicle to perfection. Make a reservation with us today, if you would like to give it a professional car exterior service.

Duration: 4 – 6 hours (depending on car type)

Car Polish Wax Service in KL

Exterior Car Detailing Price

Car Type
Rate & Duration
RM803 (4 hours)
RM876 (5 hours)
RM1,095 (5 hours)
RM1,168 (6 hours)
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