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Car Seat Cleaning

Car Seat Cleaning Service

Our car cushion cleaning service caters for both leather and fabric car seat. We detail the car seat by cleaning and safely removing stubborn stains, sweat mark, coffee spills, dirt, etc. Here are the features:

  • Vacuum interior including all mats, footwells, seats & boot
  • Fabric / Leather seat cleaning & conditioning treatment
  • Carpet extraction & cloth seat clean
  • Bactericidal effect which ideal for the removal of allergens such as mites and mold

Leather Conditioners Treatment is dedicated to moisturizing and protection of leather products. It restores moisture to keep leather from preventing aging, looking and smelling like new. It is applied evenly with a damp cloth, wiped in one direction only and buffed gently until satin shine.

Steam Fabrique Cleaner is used together with Fabrique Cleaner Liquids to remove foreign matters and oils from fabric seats and carpets and cabriolet tops without disturbing the inherent properties of the materials and wiped to a soft, moist and supple finish.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours (depending on car type)


Car Seat Cleaning Service in KL

Car Seat Cleaning Price

Car Type
Fabric – Rate & Duration
Leather – Rate & Duration
RM365 (3 hours)
RM219 (1-2 hours)
RM409 (3 hours)
RM263 (1-2 hours)
RM482 (3 hours)
RM409 (1-2 hours)
RM657 (3 hours)
RM409 (1-2 hours)
Interior Car Detailing Service in KL