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Car Polish & Wax

Car Polish & Wax

Our car polish and wax service using the finest polishes to providing your vehicle with extra shine paint protection and a showroom finish result. It helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections. 

Here are the features:

Polishing Process

Application of an all over duco protective wax polish to clean & enhance paintwork

  • Scratch and swirl mark reduction to restore colour & shine
  • Thorough clay bar treatment to remove surface contaminants such as tar & bugs
  • PLUS paint protection treatment to exterior duco protective wax polish
  • Conditioning of external trims
Waxing Process
  • A layer of premium wax is applied on the car surface, creating a protective layer for the vehicle paint and clear coat to protect the car from UV rays, dirt, acid rain and pollution. It’s also great for producing slick shine.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours (depending on car type)

Car Polish and Wax Price

Car Type
Rate & Duration
RM365 (3 hours)
RM438 (3 hours)
RM511 (4 hours)
RM584 (4 hours)
Car Polish Wax Service in KL