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Start from RM22

Our hand car wash service cleans thoroughly the exterior and interior of your car. Providing good protection to your car from keeping the body stay shine and away from contaminants. 

Start from RM1,095

Fresh Car Wash’s most prestigious service.

We provide professional car detailing in Kuala Lumpur which includes interior and exterior detail with a full clean, hand polish protection with scratch & swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalise and restore colour and shine, providing a showroom finish to your car.

Car Polish Wax Service in KL
Car Interior Detailing Service in KL
Car Seat Cleaning Service in KL
Start from RM292

We understand how the interior of a car defines our driving experience. We often protect our car body by washing and polishing, but we shouldn’t neglect the interior, which will direct impact the comfortness of the driver and its occupants.

Here are the features and services we provide in the interior car detailing package:

  • Car Vacuum Cleaning
  • Dashboard Cleaning + Coating
  • Car Seat Detailing (leather or fabric) + Coating
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Floor Mat / Carpet Cleaning
Start from RM803

We provide a top-notch exterior-only car detailing service to restore your car body and prolong its best shape. This service including wash, wax, polish, window & wheel coating and more to keep your car looking new with exterior detail, scratch reduction, paint protection barrier and more.

Here are the features:

  • Car Snow Wash 
  • Polishing & Waxing
  • Wheel Coating
  • Headlamp Restoration
  • Windscreen Watermark Removal
  • Window Coating
Exterior Car Detailing Service in KL
Car Detailing Service in Kuala Lumpur
Car Polish Wax Service in KL
Start from RM1,679

Our car polish and wax service using the finest polishes to providing your vehicle with extra shine paint protection and a showroom finish result. It helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections. 

Start from RM1150

We provide a 9H nano-ceramic coating technology that gives a permanent bond with the factory paintwork and hardness protection for minor scratches, long-lasting shinier and glossier than ever before. Comparing to car waxes, these coatings will not wash off or wear away with heavy chemical cleaners like other paint protection products on the market.

Car Ceramic Coating Service in KL
Car Seat Cleaning Service in KL
Start from RM219

Our car cushion cleaning service caters for both leather and fabric car seat. We detail the car seat by cleaning and safely removing stubborn stains, sweat mark, coffee spills, dirt, etc. 

Start from RM263

Our car window coating service including removing watermarks & stains and applying coating with water repellent product. It helps repels water, dirt, dust & eliminates stone chips. It provides a water beading effect & clear vision during rain.

Car Detailing Service in Kuala Lumpur
Start from RM219

We provide car headlamp restoration service including cleaning and polishing to help your car headlight to restore a brand new look-alike feel.

Start from RM117

We offer a rim wax coating service by applying a form of wax coat to protect your car wheel and tire against rust, dull, UV ray and dirt.

Car Rim Wheel Coating Service in KL
Car Disinfection & Sanitizing Service in KL
Start from RM80

Our car disinfection and sanitizing service kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria and comes with an air-refreshing effect that provides clean, fresh, and healthy air inside your vehicle. Further benefits from this include having optimized cooling performance and extended lifespan of air conditioning system.