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Car Detailing Services

Full Car Detailing Services

Fresh Car Wash’s most prestigious service. We provide professional car detailing in Kuala Lumpur which includes interior and exterior detail with a full clean, hand polish protection with scratch & swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalise and restore colour and shine, providing a showroom finish to your car.

Fresh Car Wash Malaysia - Car Detailing Center in Kuala Lumpur


Interior Detailing
  • Car Vacuum Cleaning: Our professional crews complete the car vacuum service to ensure your car interior every corner get a vacuum, including your car upholstery, carpet, seat belt, ceiling, car boot.
  • Dashboard Cleaning + Coating: We clean deeply on the dashboard and other parts of the dash, including the coverings on the odometer, gas gauge and other indicators. By rubbing the indicators’ coverings with a paper towel and oil, could fill in any existing minor scratches. UV coating as a finisher to protect the interior of the car from the harmful sun light UV rays. This will prevent cracking and dullness surface to the dashboard and door panels.
  • Car Seat Detailing (leather or fabric) + Coating: We reconditing the car seat by cleaning and safely removing stubborn stains, sweat mark, coffee spills, dirt, etc.
  • Engine Bay Cleaning: We also clean the engine bay by rubbing and wiping with a solution applied to a polishing cloth and rub, preventing the possibility of damaging any component. An engine coating designed for metals, rubber and so on will be used as a finisher to provide a layer of protection to the engine.
  • Floor Mat / Carpet Cleaning: We will clean the car carpet start with vacuuming to remove the dirt and dust, until shampooing with a high-pressure water gun to remove those irritating stains such as water marks, bug stains, tar, etc. We will select a suitable brush and carpet cleaner based on the type of carpet material.
Exterior Detailing
  • Snow Car Wash: Thorough washing treatment with using proper techniques to remove surface contaminants such as tar & bugs stains
  • Polishing & Waxing: Scratch & swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalize color & shine. Application of all overprotective wax polish to clean & enhance paintwork. Finish with paint protection treatment to exterior protective wax polish
  • Wheel Coating: Clean to release the stuck-on iron deposits from the surface, and neutralizes the chemical reaction that begins to destroy paintwork, clear coat finishes, polished metals, and wheel finishes
  • Headlamp Restoration: Restoring discolored and dull headlights. Finish with a coating to add shine and clarity to your car’s headlight & reduces tarnishing, yellowing and prolong discoloring
  • Windscreen Watermark Removal: Remove light scratches, acid rain falls out and tough stains
  • Window Coating: Appy with a layer of auto water repellent coat to provide extra protection against environmental damage. It gives a better and clear vision during heavy rainy days

Our comprehensive understanding of techniques used in car detailing has enabled us to create custom repair and restoration skill tailored to each marque. Our interior and exterior restoration solutions can be employed individually or as part of a total solution to return your car to perfection. 

Make a reservation with us today, if you would like to give it a professional car detailing service.

Duration: 6 – 8 hours (depending on car type)

Car Detailing Price

Car Type
Rate & Duration
RM750 (6 hours)
RM800 (6 hours)
RM900 (8 hours)
RM950 (8 hours)
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